The LAW (Law for Aid and Welfare) Blog is a digital commons – a public service on the web, not a commodity – run and managed by LAW (Law for Aid and Welfare), a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The objective of this blog is two-fold:

  1.       To publish simplified laws in the form of articles/manuals/pamphlets besides reporting to the public the activities we carry out.
  2.       To provide an online platform for all to express themselves on issues of importance across varied fields.

We intend to transform the justice landscape by changing the media landscape through thoughtful stories, ideas and opinions contributed by you. We believe that everyone should voice their valuable opinions and insights on the issues that matter, and broadcast them to the world – in our case, through LAW Blog.

If you disagree with anything we publish, please send us an alternative view or comment and register your disagreement. We want to create a platform where both sides of the discourse emerge and shape thoughts for a more participatory and inclusive democracy.


The LAW (Law for Aid and Welfare) Blog:

– is an independent, public interest, not-for-profit; a counter to corporate media;

– champions human rights;

– seeks out and debates forms of democratic change;

– delights in good ideas vigourously debated and argument backed by investigation;

– critiques vested interest;

– supports pluralistic inclusion without populism and tries to give voice to those marginalised;

– regards the freedom and liberty of others as our own;

– practices ‘openness’, rather than grasp at stultifying ‘neutrality’;

– is committed to global education and encouraging good and creative writing.


Funding of the Blog

Our largest contributors are the writers who contribute their time and expertise, without payment. They do this because we offer an open-minded platform, a good audience and a conducive, quality environment not available elsewhere. Their volunteer work makes it possible to publish so much original quality content on our very modest budget.

We depend on support from those who appreciate the importance of our work, both individuals and organisations. Please consider supporting us to help the LAW Blog survive and grow.


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